Monochrome Car/Pram baby tag
Monochrome Car/Pram baby tag
Monochrome Car/Pram baby tag
Monochrome Car/Pram baby tag
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Monochrome Car/Pram baby tag

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We have called in the help from Jilly Tots to help you to keep your baby safe from overexcited strangers who can’t help but want to reach for and touch your adorable baby.


These eye catching and trendy tag acts as a polite, nonverbal request for people to look, but refrain from touching your baby and helps to limit the chances of any germs being passed on to your little one.


The tag can be attached to your baby’s

- Pram   

- Car Seat

- Baby Carrier


Choose from two monochrome designs which are perfect for both boys and girls and look great on any design of pram or car seat. They are also perfect to support your little tot’s visual development.


Each tag comes with a velcro strap that is easily looped through the tag and allows it to be easily hung and visible for all to see.


Our tags measures 10cm x 10cm and are made from a durable pvc foamalite material with sealed uv ink.


Packaging is 100% recyclable


Monochrome design is printed on both sides.



•Important safety and care information.

Please retain for future reference•


This is not a toy or suitable for your baby’s mouth. Adult supervision is required at all times. You assume full responsibility for the tag’s use.


Please remove from car seat when car is in motion.


Discontinue use if damaged.


Can easily be wiped clean and sanitised with an antibacterial wipe.


The tag is free from dangerous substances and fulfils the requirements of all RoHS/WEEE- directives and the EU chemical ordinance (REACH)

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