Necklaces to suit any mama in their breastfeeding and teething journey without losing identity, personality or living in fear of a nipple cripple.

Here at Bennie Blooms we thrive on creating and maintaining a brand that suits both mum and baby.

To create and source the most unique and beautiful products for you and your little ones.

All our products are safety tested and excel requirements to ensure you only have the best.

From breastfeeding and teething jewellery, precious personalised keepsakes, mamas essentials and toys, we have got you covered.

Bennie Blooms | Breastfeeding to Jewellery

From the moment you announce you are having a baby it seems breastfeeding facts are thrown around and everyone has an opinion on how you should feed your baby.

With my first I was defiant, I didn't Want to breastfeed, I wanted my husband to share the load of the squishy newborn, the night feeds and the responsibility. I never attempted to feed and never had any negativity with my choice.

My second pregnancy and I was already blessed with n 18 month old toddler. How would I manage juggling a baby, toddler and all the preparation it takes to make bottles and leave the house?

Breastfeeding was my conclusion, I was going to try and become a mum who could feed my baby on the go, so many other mums do it so how hard can it be?

Well that was my first mistake, from hiding away for the first few weeks for feeds to mastitis, to being physically drained from parenting to then feel like every hour this little human sucked all strength I had left out of each breast like a turbo hoover.

The countless outfit leaks, the agony of waking up with a chest full of bricks if she had skipped a feed.

By the time we were at around 10 weeks I was winging the feeds, I'd learnt to eat constantly, I used a milk catcher to store the overflow and stashed it in the freezer.

As the weeks went on she was feeding for longer but also a lot more aware of the surroundings as her hands were wandering.

Bruises were forming and the other breast had to be pinned down out of sight for the fear of a nipple cripple.

From my first I realised babies like everything they shouldn't, so jewellery was a no go, that precious silver keepsake my husband got the previous Christmas would be in pieces by 10am.

After a typical 4am Google I realised that nursing jewellery did have a place on the market, mainly in colours to attract little ones with toy like features, and she was never going to go for that.

This is when the idea really took off, to make child friendly jewellery not look child friendly, to create the false pretence and trick her into thinking she was being a complete rebel.

By the time I had researched, found the products, ensured they all passed safety regulations and made my first piece of jewellery our breastfeeding journey was over so I decided to share a part of my journey of motherhood to others mums.

All jewellery components have been vigorously tested to ensure they are safe for both Mum and baby, all are fitted with snap clasps to ensure strenuous tugging doesn't cause discomfort and whilst worn by mum are safe for baby's to chew and explore.

I hope my products can ease your motherhood journey too.

Alice X