Motherhood looks Blooming Great on you!

Christmas Gifting Made easy.

A small selection of mum and baby centred gifts guaranteed to put a smile of their face!

We've Got You Covered, Mama.

Necklaces to suit any mama in their breastfeeding and teething journey without losing identity, personality or living in fear of a nipple cripple.

Here at Bennie Blooms we thrive on creating and maintaining a brand that suits both mum and baby.

To create and source the most unique and beautiful products for you and your little ones.

All our products are safety tested and excel requirements to ensure you only have the best.

Our Designs

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Embracing the bond whilst nurturing the Bloom.

Be the first to get your hands on our Luxe Bloom, the groundbreaking product that is set to revolutionize the breastfeeding industry. Experience a blend of sensory goodness and impeccable style, all customized especially for you, Mama.